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Privacy – Hotel de Broeierd

Your details and the purpose of collecting these details.

Contact details

Your email address, name, home address, telephone number, etc.

Your contact details will only be used during the time you are making a booking. Your contact details will never be sold / offered to third parties.

Booking details

Hotel name, room type, number of persons, dates of arrival, etc.

Your booking details will only be used during the time you are making the booking. Statistics in which these details are processed can be used to improve our service.

Credit card details

Type, number and expiring date.

Your credit card details will only be used to guarantee your booking. These details will be transmitted to the hotel and removed from our database the moment the hotel confirms the booking.

Technical details

Browser type, monitor configurations, etc.

Your technical details can be used to improve our service.

Amsterdam American Hotel will never offer or share your details with third parties. Your details will only be transmitted to the hotels to realize bookings. You will only receive a newsletter if you have admitted yourself on the website. We will not send you unwanted advertisement or e-mail.

It is possible that Amsterdam American Hotel is forced by law to make your details known.

Amsterdam American Hotel does not accept any responsibility regarding the operation and content of links placed on the website.

Amsterdam American Hotel reserves the right to apply changes to this statement at any time.

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