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Hotel de Broeierd – Restaurant & Bar

Next to hotel rooms and a wellness centre The Hampshire Hotel de Broeierd also has amazing dining facilities. Well known Brasserie De Bakspieker and Bistro De Broeierd! You can walk in every moment of the day; we serve breakfast, lunch, brunch, high tea and also for just a cup of coffee. If you want a little privacy during dinner or a dinner party, it is also possible to reserve our private dining room! Enjoy!

Hotel de Broeierd General information

  • Come and enjoy a lovely breakfast or lunch in our “Brasserie De Bakspieker”.
  • For a wonderful dinner our “Bistro De Broeierd” is opened on a daily base from four p.m.
  • In our Bistro you can also find a very cosy bar to enjoy a drink.

Brasserie De Bakspieker

Brasserie De Bakspieker is a cosy and informal meeting place for everybody. Next to breakfast, lunch, brunch, high tea, it is also possible to just come in and enjoy a cup of coffee. You are welcome every moment of the day. Would you like a little privacy? Than ask for our private Dining Rooms next to the brasserie.

Bistro De Broeierd

Com and enjoy a culinairy experience in The oldest inn in Twente! Bistro De Broeierd is the place for a relaxing diner or a meeting after work. You can find the theme “horses” everywhere in our décor, but of course in a modern setting. Come and visit us, and see for yourself, or click here for more information.

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